We have a wide range to service and support options to meet your needs!

We have teams of dedicated training specialists who will  employ the latest trends in training to deliver one-on-one, small group, large group, and even remote-based training to teach you and your teams everything you need to know about your software solutions.

Our team of product experts is prepared to combine their many years of industry-specific knowledge with their world-class training and deep bench of resources to ensure your software project will go as planned, and that your existing system continues run optimally. Our team specializes in teh following product lines:
  • Point-of-Sale Solutions
    • MICROS
    • SpeedLine
    • LOC Store Management Suite
    • Scanmaster
    • ACS-IR
    • IBM ACE
    • BRdata
    • MTX
    • Many Others...
  • Security Solutions
    • SonicWall Netwrok Security and Unified Threat Management
    • LaneHawk BOB Loss Prevention
    • OpenEye Video Security
Our 24/7 Customer Care Call Center is standing by to help you with emergency support for your POS system utilizing the latest in remote access technologies.  We also offer our customers access to support agreements that allow you to acheive optimal system performance with:
  • Pritority Response
  • Unlimited Remote Support (During Contract Hours)
  • Availability of Software Updates and Enhancements
  • A Virtual Technican Console, which helps prevent problems before they occur
  • Discounted Rates on Support, Training, and Professional Services
  • Access to Discounted Rates on POS Supplies